The local version of the Disneyland "Leisure World" is a main attraction for kids just a few kilometers away from the town. There are some waterfalls, though not as many as in the hill capital, nearby. Some lush green hills and rubber plantations surround the city. Two main reservoirs, called Labugama and Kalatuwawa, are situated closer to Hanwella and supply water to the metropolis.

Leisure World

Leisure World which is just 2 km away from The Natures Resort is the first of its kind in Sri Lanka boasts of a rich Bio diversified surrounding in a serene atmosphere giving the visitors a once in a life time experience of novel water and amusement activities. Out of the total extent of 52 acres 27 acres have been developed during the first phase. Well trained instructors, Operators, Life guards, Pool Attendants are at your service. The most favorite activities there are lake rides, water rides and amusement rides.

Kumari Ella and Kumari Wala

This is a cascading water fall by the side of a road, of which the upper part is good for bathing.
This waterfall is small in size yet quite beautiful especially during rainy seasons. The waterfall is made out of a tributary of River Kelani.

This waterfall is 5 ½ Kms. from Tummodara and 12 km from The Natures Resort.

( It is possible to get Thummodara on the A4 highway from Colombo, and then you have to take another bus from Kaluaggala Junction to Tummodara on B188 trunk road. The drive from Colombo is approximately 2.5 hours by bus; or 1.5 hours by a private vehicle.)


Ranmuthu Ella

This also is a scenic water fall and the upper part is very good for bathing, though the lower part is more beautiful as a waterfall.

The distance is 9 Kms from The Nature’s Resort. From Tummodara Junction it is about 1 km


The Labugama and Kalatuwawa reservoirs

The Labugama and Kalatuwawa reservoirs, which supply water to the Colombo city and the forest reserves of Labugama and Udagama are also situated nearby.These were built for the purpose of providing water for Colombo city and its sub-urban areas. A sub tributary of Kelani River was obstructed in 1955 to build these water bodies by Colombo Municipal Council. It could be reached through Hanwella-Labugama Road.Surrounded by the reservoirs is the rain forest connected with Sinharaja – the most valuable rain forest In Sri Lanka.


Tummodara is an ancient village near Labugama, Kalatuwawa rain forest which surrounded with forest reservation boundaries around it. The beauty of Thummodara is waterfalls around the place and the mountain range around it. The remote village Panchakula is also nearby Thummodara which you can reach with an hour drive (but the road conditions are not that favourable). “Labugama & Kalatuwara” are popular spring water reservoir near Thummodara, which supplies water to City of Colombo.

Apart from seeing the waterfalls and the village, it is possible to explore the area, and to spend time in the stream. They are lot of stream around the Village and you can find them easily along the Thummodara to Avissawella B426 road within first 2 Km from Thummodara.

Please note…..
Rain forests are very valuable; do not enter into the forest illegally. Do not put your waste around you, take them back. Respect to the culture in the village, do not drink alcohol in public, it is punish by law.